Did you know HOME.fm (WSAE & WJKN-fm) pays royalty fees for streaming music that inspires and encourages many?

This is a significant expense for us.  Every 5 years there is a royalty rate proceeding that we and similar radio stations must go through to convince the Judges that the royalty collection agency wants to charge unreasonably high fees.

A committee of the National Religious Broadcasters has attempted negotiations with the agency to reduce its fee demands.  But this negotiation was unsuccessful, and the parties must now go to trial in a DC court.  This station must assist with the very high trial expenses, a serious budget issue for us.  Would you please consider sending us a gift to help defer these costs, that we, in turn, can forward to the NRB Committee? The stakes are very high in this case.

Please consider helping us with this request.

Click here to donate or send a check to:

National Religious Broadcasters Noncommercial MLC
4880 Santa Rosa Road
Camarillo, CA 93012

Read more about this request here.