The Academy of the Arts Presents: The Nutcracker – Jackson

December 8, 2018 @ 2:00 pm

The Academy of the Arts is proud to present The Nutcracker December 8th 2 PM and 7 PM at The Western Community Arts Center. Join us for this family friendly holiday favorite! A beautiful full-length ballet, choreographed by Ballet Program Director, Erin Miller, Artistic Director Kate Price, and Assistant Artistic Director, Christina Perry.

One frosty Christmas Eve, many years ago, a family by the name of Stahlbaum held a grand, festive party. Clara and her brother Fritz were so excited they could hardly wait for it to begin. When the guests finally arrived, the Christmas celebration began. Clara’s uncle, Herr Drosselmeyer, joined in the festivities and brought lovely gifts for all the boys and girls, including life-sized dolls that danced for the children. He presented Clara with the best gift of all, a Nutcracker doll. That night, as Clara drifted off to sleep, she imagined playful mice had awakened her to see that her Nutcracker had come to life! She dreamed her Nutcracker led the toy soldiers in a battle against frightful rats. The Nutcracker rescued Clara by killing the rat queen. Her Nutcracker then turned into a prince and whisked her off to the beautiful Land of the Sweets. Clara and the prince were greeted by the Sugar Plum Fairy, who presented them with lovely keepsakes and a magical performance. Clara and her prince were entertained with dances by Spanish Chocolate, Arabian Coffee, Chinese Tea and Russian Mints. Next Mother Ginger entered in a big dress, hiding her little peppermint children who were led in a dance by the Peppermint Queen for Clara and her prince. The Rosebuds and Flowers performed a beautiful waltz and the Sugar Plum Fairy joined in the celebration with dances of their own. Clara thanked the lovely sweets for their performance and left the Land of the Sweets to go home. Clara awoke in her own bed, holding her beloved Nutcracker, unsure if it had all just been a magical dream.

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