Photo Exhibit – Jackson

May 16, 2013 all-day


Brought to you by Most Teens Don’t

Most Teens Don’t (MTD) is excited to announce a project Jackson County teens have been working on for the past couple months – it’s called Photo Voice. What’s even more exciting is their exhibit at the Westwood Mall and Jackson Crossing. Stop by one of the displays to see how the teens have brought photographs and important issues to life. The photographs, taken by local youth, showcase both positive and negative influences that surround them daily.

Photo Voice is a process primarily used to educate people and communities by combining photography, storytelling and sometimes social action. Photo Voice has three main goals: (1) have people record their communities strengths and weaknesses through photos, (2) promote group discussion and/or express an opinion with the photographs, and (3) change or attempt to change policy.

Most Teens Don’t participants were asked to take photographs in their neighborhood or community that they feel showcase both strengths and weaknesses. Most Teens Don’t focus is on the prevention of alcohol, marijuana and tobacco use, therefore these three areas were the target of the weaknesses. The teens were also asked to identify things that keep them safe.

Most Teens Don’t is a social (norming) marketing campaign that focuses on the positive behaviors of teens. The program, funded primarily by a Federal Drug Free Communities Grant, uses the Michigan Profile for Healthy Youth Survey (MiPHY) taken bi-annually by 7th, 9th and 11th graders in Jackson County schools. This confidential, computer based survey, shows that while 62.2% of 9th graders thought all, most or some of their peers drank recently, in reality only 23.5% reported to have drank in the past 30 days.

The display will be at Westwood Mall between May 2-22, 2013. On May 25 the display will be moved to the Jackson Crossing and will remain there until June 8, 2013. For more information, contact Wendy Murdock, Drug Free Communities Coordinator at or (517) 796‑5129 or visit/like us on Facebook/mostteensdont.

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