Michigan Inventors Expo’2014 – E. Lansing

September 4, 2014 @ 9:00 am – 4:30 pm

Michigan Inventors Expo’2014
REI/MSU – Innovate Michigan! Summit 2014
Thursday September 4th 2014, from 9:00 to 4:30
The Kellogg Hotel & Convention Center, 219 S. Harrison Rd, E. Lansing

Why did someone from the US Patent & Trademark office say “Michigan leads the country in inventor support? (May 2014)

Why did a recent board member of the United Inventors Association say because of what the Michigan inventor groups are doing for Michigan inventors Michigan leads the county in inventor support? (Sept. 2013)

Why do Michigan Inventors have an advantage over other states?

  • We (Michigan) have nine active inventor groups & three starting
  • We have the “Michigan Inventors’ Coalition”, which represents the leadership of each of the Michigan inventor groups, working together to help each other.
  • We have the “Michigan Inventors EXPO14”, a state wide showcase for inventors, a friendly shark-tank, and with learning seminar breakout sessions. Meeting at the same time and place is the MSU/REI’s “Innovate Michigan! Summit14”, a learning and creating summit for economic development groups, entrepreneurs, and presenting grant proposals helping communities.
  • MSU- Regional Economic Innovation Center, an economic cooperative helping communities and Michigan Economic Development Groups produce working plans for improvements for Michigan.
  • Michigan has 16 known Maker Shops in Michigan with more forming, helping Michigan inventors.
  • Michigan have Mi-Quest working with Michigan entrepreneurs.
  • Michigan has Start Garden building a start-up ecosystem, thru seed accelerator momentum.
  • Michigan is strong great inventors with inventors with projects like:

Perry DiClemente;  a Jackson Inventors Network Member, placed with his Wave Aircraft; Great Lakes Entrepreneur Quest – New Business Ideas Category – 3rd Place, Michigan Inventors Coalition –New Invention – 2nd place, and in the Accelerate Michigan Business Plan Competition – Advanced Transportation and Mobility category – 1st Place

Orville Crain; co owner of Klever Innovations which manufacturers and markets utility box and package opening tools. He was awarded the ‘Agents of Change’ award from the Muskegon Chamber of Commerce in ’09. awarded the “Thought Leaders in Entrepreneurship” from West Michigan Business Review Magazine 2011.

Cynthia Kay; writer of “Business for Big Thinkers: Unconventional Strategies to Connect With & Win Big Business” named one of West Michigan’s 50 Most Influential Woman 5 times. She is a professional broadcaster with awards from UPI, AP & numerous regional awards.

Marty Sovis; Sovilok Manufacturing, inventor of the “Beak-in-Blocker a door/frame security device

John Howard; inventor of the “Rain Maker Wildfire Protection and Containment System that would save property and lives during wild fires.

John D. Hopkins; inventor of the a surgical instrument cleaning system that cleans 9.9 million more cells off surgical instruments than hospital standards currently call for.

Greg Szczesny: Wheels for Workers, Program and the participants that graduate get to purchase a car at drastically reduced prices so they have Reliable Wheels….For a living Wage Job… That will Change Their Life! Greg won the Mission Throttle Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

This a small view of the Michigan inventor population.


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