Jackson High Impact Leadership Training

January 19, 2021 @ 8:00 am – 12:00 pm
TRUE Community Credit Union
1100 Clinton Rd
Jackson MI
The most effective leaders choose to be more effective. They invest in everyday skills to truly understand others, strengthen trust, expand capacity, accelerate progress, and achieve results.
As a leader, how effective are you? How effective are the leaders around you?
Humanergy and Rose Street Advisors+HRM Innovations have partnered to support you and difference-makers like you with a series that drives focus, strengthens skills, and ensures application on the job.
How is this training different? The goal of this series of courses is to help managers and leaders learn, and most importantly, improve performance on the job, by:
High-quality content – Researched, field-tested, current, and user-friendly.
Experiential learning – All sessions draw from participants’ realities and prepare them to be more successful in addressing those realities back at work.
Workplace commitments and review – Participants make monthly commitments, apply what’s learned then report on progress and achievements at future sessions.
Bosses partner for success – Participants’ bosses receive a monthly email with suggested coaching questions to elevate a key partnership in their success.

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