Business Owners Charging Station Workshop- Albion

June 18, 2013 @ 12:00 pm

Energy Secretary Steven Chu recently announced a Workplace Charging Challenge  supported by 13 major U.S. employers, including Chrysler Group, LLC, Ford Motor Company and General Motors Company.  Detroit’s NextEnergy is one of eight stakeholder groups joining together to help expand access to workplace charging stations for American workers across the country.  The Workplace Charging Challenge is a collaborative effort to increase the number of U.S. employers offering workplace charging and support President Obama’s efforts to make PEVs as affordable and convenient for the American family as gasoline-powered vehicles.

The market for electric vehicles is expanding dramatically, giving drivers more options to save money on gasoline while reducing pollution.  Expanding the charging infrastructure across Michigan expands the functionality and cost effectiveness of electric and hybrid-electric vehicles, and also supports Michigan’s workforce, automakers and economy.

Consumers Energy has joined forces with Next Energy, the Michigan Public Service Commission and its PEV Readiness Taskforce to identify Michigan employers who may be interested in attending an interactive Workplace Charging Workshop,  to be held at Next Energy’s facility in Detroit on June 18, 2013. From the technical aspect of PEV charging stations, to employee and human resources issues in the workplace, the workshop will offer an interactive forum for employers ask questions and hear from PEV infrastructure experts and others who offer workplace charging on their own sites.

We need your help!  If you know a Michigan employer who may be interested in attending the workshop, send an email to, and remember to include the company’s name and location, and the name of an appropriate contact person or department.  The MPSC’s PEV Readiness Taskforce will send invitations to those interested in attending.

 Feel free to contact Ronnie for more information at 269-969-8566 or 269-998-4644.

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