Board of Commissioners Job Openings- Jackson County

August 15, 2013 – August 29, 2013 all-day

The Jackson County Board of Commissioners is accepting applications to fill the following vacancies:

Agricultural Preservation Board – one public member, Agricultural Interests, term to 6/2016 Agricultural Preservation Board – one public member, Representative of Local Natural Resource Conservation Interests, term to 6/2016
Emergency Management Advisory Council – two public members, term to 4/2015

Solid Waste Planning Committee, 14 members to include the following (On your application, please indicate the position you would like to represent):

  •   4 representatives of the solid waste management industry (when possible, representatives should reside or conduct business within county);
  •   1 representative from an industrial waste generator
  •   2 representatives from environmental interest groups (representatives shall be from

    organizations that are active within the county);

  •   1 representative from county government (all government representatives shall be elected

    officials or designee of elected official);

  •   1 representative from township government;
  •   1 representative from city government;
  •   1 representative from the regional solid waste planning agency (Region 2 will be the

    Designated Planning Agency for the plan update); and

  •   3 representatives from the general public (representatives shall reside within county.)

    The County Affairs & Agencies Committee will review applications at their September 9, 2013 meeting (8:00 a.m.). Appointments will be made at the September 17, 2013 (7:00 p.m.) at the Board of Commissioners meeting.

    The application deadline is Friday, August 30, 2013.

    Applications are available and can be submitted on-line at the Jackson County Website: They are also available on the 6th floor of the County Tower Building, 120 W. Michigan Avenue, or by calling 788-4335. Forms can be mailed to the above address, faxed to 517- 780-4755 or emailed to .

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