Blacksmiths, Soldiers, and Log Cabin Weekend – Waterloo Farm and Dewey School Museum

June 26, 2021 all-day

10 AM – 5 PM

SUNDAY, June 27, 2021
Noon – 5 PM


Blacksmiths, Soldiers, and Log Cabin Weekend
Waterloo Farm and Dewey School Museum



$5 adult
$2 children 5-12
$4 seniors 62+
members of the society and children under 5 free

Michigan Artist Blacksmith Association members demonstrate their skills at the fixed forge and their own portable forges. Re-enactors portray the Civil War era, and we join the statewide celebration of Michigan’s Log Cabins on Sunday.

We honor and foster an understanding and appreciation in children and adults of the pioneer farmers of Michigan, their family life and their children’s schooling.

This years event will feature more opportunities than ever for children and adults to enjoy hands-on pioneer experiences. Spend the day in the Civil War Encampment, try your hand at wood carving, or learn how to make socks on a 19th century sock machine. The baker will be busy in the bake house, the blacksmith in his shop, Mr. Realy in the barn, and Mrs. Realy in her garden. The weekend culminates as we join Michigan’s statewide Log Cabin Day celebration, when you can observe a young couple setting up housekeeping in their log house.

CIVIL WAR SOLDIER ENCAMPMENT: See Civil War soldiers carrying out their daily activities, and see how those they left behind coped.

BLACKSMITH FESTIVAL: Blacksmiths from near and far will join our blacksmith, setting up their forges to demonstrate their skills.

LOG CABIN DAY: Log Cabin Day is a statewide event that shows the way to the past. It is still the only annual statewide log cabin celebration in the USA. Come out to the farm and see one of the few log cabins open to the public. We are very proud of our log house and surroundings. Guides will be available to give tours.

Admission to the Waterloo Farm Museum grounds for this event is $5 for adults and $2 for children aged 5-12. There is no admission charge for children under 5 and members of the Waterloo Area Historical Society. Admission includes a guided tour of the ten-room farmhouse.

Contact Us
P.O. Box 37
Stockbridge, MI 49285
517-596-2254 and leave a message

Vounteers, Reenactors, and Demonstrators needed.

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