Art, Collectibles, and Antiques Symposium – Jackson

April 20, 2013 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Know What You Own, How to Protect It, and How You Can Leave a Legacy

This upcoming community workshop will be helpful if:

• You own art, memorabilia, antiques or other collectibles or family heirlooms.
• You are an artist, writer, inventor or musician.
• You or someone close to you has inherited paintings, sculptures, photography, record albums, coin or stamp collections, antique furniture….Coke, Beatles, Elvis, military or other memorabilia.
• You would like to learn more about proper preservation, cleaning and protection of your piece.
• You are interested in learning more about valuing your assets.
• You want assurance your items will be preserved and appreciated after you are gone.
• You are curious about determining if a museum or another favorite charity will best appreciate, value, care for, or benefit from your collection.
• You would like to share your treasures and memories with the public and in the process receive financial and tax benefits.
• You are an artist or collector who is interested or curious about how to convert certain assets into a regular income stream for yourself or your loved ones for a period of years or for life.

The Greater Jackson area is home to a vibrant art/creative community, valuable history, as well as unique and rare family heirlooms and collectibles. This is your opportunity to obtain information on this unique subject. The symposium is part of the Ella Sharp Museum community education series and will be held Saturday, April 20th from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. at the Ella Sharp Museum.

The workshop is presented by Jackson-based Barry Malek, CRC, CTFA of CNB Trust and Investment Services and attorney, Richard Mills, JD, MBA, along with a panel of experts in the areas of appraisal, insurance and preservation. This group will present a fun and interesting workshop specifically designed to inform, as well as answer your questions on this unique topic.
Directions and additional information can be found at:

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