Mornings@HOME with Tim & Lucas

Tim Ambrose

Tim resides in Pittsford MI, and pastors the church where he grew up, First Baptist Church of Hillsdale.  When not on air at, he keeps busy with his wife and three children, his church, coaching varsity basketball at Freedom Christian School, and community theatre.  He is also on the board of directors at the Sauk theatre in Jonesville and the Hillsdale Area Ministerial Association.

If he has time to sit down between all of that Tim is the world’s biggest Chicago Bulls fan, enjoys reading the occasional comic book, and is a pretty big fan of professional wrestling, but don’t tell anyone.  If you are a long-time listener, you may recognize Tim’s voice.  He has a Communication Degree from Spring Arbor University and hosted mornings on Power Praise FM from 1998-2000.


Lucas Meyers

Lucas is a Jackson native and lives just south of town in a little cabin in the woods with his wife and two cats. When he’s not on the air he works at YMCA Storer Camps teaching kids all about the outdoors and how it can actually be cooler than their cell phones. Don’t get him wrong, though: he’s a tech geek and even has a degree in computer science.

When he’s not working, Lucas enjoys playing video games, watching movies, and jamming on the guitar or drums (and occasionally beat boxing). Lucas believes that the red Starburst are the best, thinks bread is lame, and has always wanted to go sky diving. If you catch him on the street and you’ve got a second to chat he would love to tell you all about eSports, nature hikes, internet videos, or square dances.

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