Christmas Weekend@HOME

Here are some re-gifting etiquette guidelines.

The art of the thank you note is not lost.

What would you do if you found a raccoon in your bathroom!?

Here are some tips for a better organized home.

What foods should you not feed your pets?

In the midst of a busy holiday week, you might have missed this kind of kindness to our delivery drivers.

What happens when a malfunction of the projector stops a showing of Star Wars?

Even pets can celebrate the holidays in style!

According to psychologists, spending money on someone else is like giving a gift to yourself, too.

And you thought you went all-out for your pets on Christmas; take a look at what this family did for their dog!

Be aware of some new restrictions at some big name retailers for gift returns.

Severe weather for many all over the U.S. on Saturday.

Good news for Michigan employees of Walmart!

This young girl called 911 after her elf fell off the shelf.

Sony in deep water for publishing fake movie reviews.

A glimpse into Apple’s future.

Carly Rae Jepsen gets the job for the new Fuller House show coming to Netflix in February.

Chipotle is taking measures to ensure that food safety is kept a priority.

If you are a fan of The Beatles, your ears can now rejoice with streaming services!

Justin Bieber telling fans to vote for another group over him on the charts.

Creepy or touching? You decide after watching Boston Dynamics’ holiday greeting video.

Boxing Day is a UK holiday you’ve probably never heard of.

Those with a crafty bent will love these clever uses for leftover wrapping paper.


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