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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Criminals in one Massachusetts town followed police orders in the extreme heat- no arrests for the entire weekend!

Have you seen the new Mr. Rogers movie trailer?

Jackson County Fair manager says the fairgrounds will be ready for the upcoming fair.

Coach Jim Harbaugh says U of M football will feature a revamped offense this coming season.

Here are the details of the recent Equifax data breach settlement.

Interested in visiting one of Michigan’s state parks? Check this out!


Do you use emojis often? People might see you as more friendly if you do.

Apparently you can have your (Dr. Pepper) cake and drink it (your cake-flavored Dr. Pepper pop/soda), too!

Creativity matters. The average child brings home about 2,000 art projects before they reach age 12.

These lovebirds found each other over a box of macaroni and cheese at Costco!

This app may get your pre-teens to do their chores!

Check the temperature of the playground equipment before letting your kiddos free at the park.