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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

The full list of school closing in the Jackson area.

Ever wonder what it feels like for a bird to fly?

Apple makes strides toward more inclusion with new emojis.

No need for flowers with these nontraditional bouquets.

Due to the ice storm last night, there are many power outages in Michigan.

Chevy just announced their 2020 Silverado.

Heading out to do some ice fishing? Check out the new limit for yellow perch in Michigan.

There is a meaning behind that red light at Center Lake dam.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Check out these two school administrators singing their snow day announcement this week!

Here are some of the foods that football fans will be enjoying this weekend if they’re in the stadium.

Gov. Whitmer wants to be prepared for the next polar vortex.

Check out how skiing has changed throughout the years.

This beloved crossing guard was so thankful for the love of his community.

Jackson was breaking records with the temperatures this past week.

The DNR is allowing firewood to be collected without a permit this weekend.

Watch out for the plastic chicken nuggets!



Tonya is guilty of all 5 of these clutter mistakes, are you? Come on, we can fix it!

Thinking of DIYing your floor project? You may want to read this

It’s a library book box, custom built in an old tree!

Do you know the muffin man? Or, better yet… do you know the octopus whisperer?

Parents in Tennessee could soon have a school dress code.

What brings more joy than seeing the Backstreet Boys dressed as chickens performing one of their hits from the ’90s?

Apple is hosting a smartphone photo contest.

How do you hard boil eggs the right way?