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Finding a good radio station isn’t always easy, but when you tune in to something special, it becomes personal. hand-picks songs that not only put a smile on listener’s faces, but reflect the overall family-friendly focus of the station. Listeners often find that when they set the dial to 106.9 on their car stereos, they stick around. They find themselves hooked throughout the day as they listen at home, on their computers at work, and while on the go through the mobile app.

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, becomes Jackson’s Christmas Music Station, playing classics and a blend of modern twists on traditional and newer holiday selections. Many supporters find our Christmas season advertising options attractive for business.

With all of this listening, there are great opportunities to connect listeners to businesses they’ll also love.

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COVERAGE AREA: Jackson County, Michigan
FORMAT: A unique blend of mainstream and Christian music
TARGET AUDIENCE: Women, Age 25-54