Monday, November 18, 2013

A lot of people in Jackson are without power after yesterday’s storm!

Pray for our friends in Illinois who were impacted by severe tornadoes in the midst of yesterday’s storms.

Report any downed power lines and get updated power restoration information on the Consumer’s Energy Power Map.

Oh Boy! Mickey Mouse turns 85 this year! See 85 things that were inspired by the famous cartoon character here.

A basketball player scored over 100 points… for the SECOND TIME in his career!

The Newsboys are starring in a new movie, called “God’s Not Dead

What are consumers complaining most about this year?

Sign your kids up to receive a call from Santa this year!

11,000 people create Gotham City for one kid’s “make-a-wish.”

Want to see what the wind is doing? It’s cooler than it sounds.

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