Thanks for Your Votes!

HOME.fm is the proud recipient of one of ten Love Your Community Mini-Grants! Thank you for your support and votes in our quest to help Jackson Victory Gardens grow better this summer.

HOME.fm will give the $500 mini-grant to Jackson Victory Gardens in its 3rd year, providing watering capabilities, signage and tools for the garden. Crops will be distributed to families by local non-profits (like Interfaith Shelter). Thank you to Jackson Community Foundation for providing this opportunity.

About Jackson Victory Gardens: Celebrating urban gardening one victory at a time.

Besides providing local, fresh produce to members of the local community, JVG is taking a multi-purpose approach to gardening. We hope to serve as an educational opportunity for local school children and neighborhood kids, training them in plant care and healthy eating. Our fruit, vegetable and flower garden will provide much needed green space in Jackson, creating a beautiful location for the entire community to enjoy.

The care of the plants and maintenance of the grounds is done on a voluntary basis by community members. Jackson Victory Gardens is an urban gardening project located in downtown Jackson, Michigan. Our first garden (first of many hopefully!) is on the corner of Francis St. and Franklin St. in downtown Jackson, MI.