Support Your Favorite Radio Station is a community-supported radio station. As a non-profit radio station we rely on your support to keep us on-air.

We receive support from individuals who give tax deductible gifts to the station. Many will give on an on-going monthly basis to partner with and support a one-of-a-kind radio station.

Click HERE to give securely online.

Day Sponsorship

You can sponsor a day of broadcast through our Day Sponsorship Program. Become a Day Sponsor to honor a special person or holiday.

Choose any available date on the calendar to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or other milestone. You can become a full or half Day Sponsor. Full Day Sponsors will receive ten 15-second live mentions for a donation of $360 ($30 monthly) and a Half Day Sponsor receives five 15-second live mentions for a donation of $180 ($15 monthly).

Partner with today by clicking here to give securely online. After making a qualifying Day Sponsorship gift through the link, will contact you to make sure we get your message ready for your special day.

Business Support

If you are a business owner, you can support by becoming an Impact Partner. Find out more here.