Kid Co-Host: Madison

4-year old Madison joined Jamin, Whitney and Rachel in the studio as one of our Kid Co-Hosts. Listen in to find out more here.

Interview – James and June’s beloved husband and wife duo stopped by the studio recently to play a few tunes off their new CD for us!

Kid Co-Host: Brady and Bella

Brady and Bella joined Mornings@HOME this week and talked about all sorts of fun activities they enjoy (from legos to swimming)!

Interview – The Strange Familiar

Jamin and Whitney talk with┬áKira Leyden of The Strange Familiar, a husband and wife duo making their debut on with their new song, “Rain”.

Interview- Queen for a Day

Jamin and Whitney spoke with Lynda and Courtney with the Jackson County Rose Queen Scholarship Pageant to invite girls age 4-12 to join them to experience Queen for a Day, coming up on August 9th.

Kid Co-Host: Isaac Couling

Isaac was a Kid Co-Host and expert “cuber”. He puts together a rubix cube in about 2 minutes! Listen to learn about his favorite zoo animal and a little about golf.

Kid Co-Host: Peyton

Peyton is one very busy girl! Listen in to find out about teeth-pulling, dance and roller coasters during her time as Kid Co-Host with Jamin and Whitney.

Interview- The Amazing Race

Mornings@HOME talked with Nic Pangborn and Jacque Austin about this year’s Amazing Race Jackson. Listen in to find out how you can participate.

Interview: Sanctus Real

Jamin and Whitney had a chance to sit down with Sanctus Real and talk about writing music, touring, embarrassing stories and much more. Check it all out in this extended interview!