Interview – Hawk Nelson

Rachel Ryder got to talk with Daniel, the bassist for Hawk Nelson about their new album, Diamonds (releasing Tues, Mar 17). Find out more about their live stream of the album, watch the video of the making of their “colorful” band picture and listen back to their conversation.

Interview – AWARE Shelter

Mornings@HOME talked with Jeremy Norwood about an open director position within the Jackson AWARE Shelter.

Interview – Derek (Chap Stique) from Family Force 5

Jamin and Kaitlyn got to talk with Derek Mount (aka Chap Stique) on Mornings@HOME about artist influences, giant hamster balls and Valentine’s Day… all to talk about Family Force 5’s appearance on this year’s Winter Jam Tour. Take a listen to this extended version of the interview.

Interview – Dalpre Grayer

Mandy got to speak with a Jackson native who is co-starring in the new film, Pass the Light. Find out more about Dalpre Grayer by listening in.

Interview – Secretary of State Ruth Johnson

Rachel Ryder talked with Michigan Secretary of State, Ruth Johnson, about a way that you could cut down the cost of extra fees that accompany traffic tickets by performing community service throughout 2015.

Interview – Jetty Rae

Jamin and Whitney got to talk with Jetty Rae about her new Christmas album, “More than December” and highlighted her new single, “Little Drummer Boy“.

Interview – Darling Down

Jamin and Whitney got to talk with Amanda (lead vocal) and Ryan (drummer) from local band Darling Down about their new Christmas release, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.