As Heard On Air

Friday, September 15, 2017

Facebook is reportedly testing a new feature that will allow you to “snooze” your friends for a predetermined amount of time.

The city of Tucson, Arizona sent Amazon a 21-foot-tall cactus to try to get Amazon to open a new headquarters there.

Read the label first. This woman might have a pink glittery face for a while…

Forgetful much?

Are your kids always snacking? Here are some healthy snack options for them!

This new ballroom provides a 180-view of downtown Jackson for its guests.

Jackson is beginning to have its hydrants flushed. Don’t be alarmed if this results in discolored water.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

JJ Abrams has been announced as both the director and writer for Star Wars Episode IX.

This bride changed the wedding game with doughnut bouquets for her bridesmaids!

This monkey‘s got a lot of money coming his way.

The line up for the Hand in Hand benefit concert tonight is bringing celebrities from all walks of life together to help raise fund for Hurricane victims.

Feeling stressed? Here are some tips to help!

Who knew this could be used to help organize your messy freezer.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Some of the smartest people may be most likely to fail a driver’s test.

Ernest Hemingway’s historic house and museum in Key West, Florida is home to 54 very special cats and they’re all safe from the hurricane!

The Cassini Spacecraft is crashing into Saturn on Friday and it might be visible from Earth using a telescope.

Nintendo has confirmed that they’ll be producing an increased amount of SNES Classic consoles AND bring back the NES Classic.

Another reminder to the guys: Don’t propose near the water.

This little girl created a lemonade stand to help out fellow students.

This man got the Pope involved in his proposal!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Prince George had his first day of school and was even walked in by his dad.

Check out this video of a NOAA plane flying in the eye of hurricane Irma.

New footage shows that Tasmanian Tigers could still be around!

No reunion needed for this family. All 26 of them live in the same 3,000 square foot house in Michigan.

Here are the details of construction in Spring Arbor that might cause a detour for you.

Here are words you should tell your significant other every day.

Kirk Cousins’ new house on lake Michigan.

Free tickets to Cedar Point!

New reality show on BIG Michigan family.



Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Turns out Nintendo’s most famous character is no longer a plumber!

Looks like Indiana Jones 5 is in the works. This time without Shia LaBeouf.

Remember Good Eats? The instructional and zany cooking show hosted by Alton Brown? Well good news: its coming back!

A recent study found that people are more worried about experiencing identity theft than whether or not a loved one gets seriously ill.

Verlander’s not doing too bad.

Beware of the growing amount of cars damaged during Hurricane Harvey.

Have people stopped buying Legos?