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Flying cars are here! And THIS ONE’S been approved by the FAA.

This guy’s dad decided his son needed a bride and children… now.

Ever wondered why Charlie Puth has such an interesting eyebrow?

Your fleece jacket might be worse for the ocean than 10,000 plastic bags.

The skies over Michigan got a little crazy this past week.

If the dexterity game Twister isn’t zany enough for you, try this 3D version.

This gadget solves the issue of retrieving your cookie after you dunk it in a glass of milk.

Columbus, Ohio won out over 77 other major U.S. cities to be the site of transportation innovation.

Sometimes, you just can’t wait until you’re done eating to phone surf.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Have you heard about the upcoming Lost Railway Museum?

Want to be an extra in the next Transformers movie?

Look how tiny these cute little solar panels are!

Here’s how you can somewhat avoid fireworks noise this coming Fourth of July.

It’s the centennial year for our nation’s National Parks!

It’s hard not to laugh and smile at this young boy’s excitement when he gets to the toy aisle!

J.R. Smith had a touching post game press conference where he honored his Dad on Father’s Day.

Are you ready for a remake of The West Side Story?

If you love music, then today is your day!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Finding Dory? Here’s a recap of Finding Nemo… all done in emojis! So cute.

Keep your kids less busy and they’ll learn to be creative in times of boredom.

These vegetables are better for you when they’re cooked.

Oh, strawberry moon!

Have you heard about Michigan’s newest state park?

A former Jackson Lumen Christi graduate is now a member of the Boston Red Sox MLB Team!

The Chewbacca mom now has her own action figure.

The Ford Motor Company finished 1st place in the 24 hour Le Mans race in France!


Does your dad karaoke to any of these top songs?

You’ve gotta love “dad” stories.

Cast your vote for the most iconic picnic food ever.

If you’ve got $2 million lying around, you could own the home from Father of the Bride.

When it comes to animals you can find in a storm drain, Florida has Michigan beat.

Sailing around the world is made better by having a companion, no matter how squawky.

We’re not the only state to get wacky out-of-season snows, as it turns out.

Sports stars have cell phone accidents too, so don’t feel bad about your shattered iPhone screen.

The newest, shiniest video game console was announced this past week.

The impossible “backwards brain” bike met its match — on YouTube!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Females might need to register for the draft. Selective service requirements are changing.

This man helped animals with the purchase of food that otherwise would have went to waste.

10 Ways texting on your iPhone is about to change forever.

200 American flags retired at inaugural Flag Day ceremony.

National Aquarium dolphins planned to leave Baltimore for seaside sanctuary.

Iceland made history at #Euro2016.

Bumble is teaming up with Spotify to let users see what their potential dates like to jam out to!

This 9 year old girl from Scotland is making a splash in professional wedding photography.

The Jackson Lumen Christi Baseball team is well on its way to defending it’s state championship.