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Friday, July 14, 2017

Are you a fan of MSU basketball? You could own a 4′ x 4′ piece of the floor from their practice facility!

The new Batman director will be starting with a new script, Affleck has now been replaced as director and writer.

Wonder Woman continues to set records at the box office.

If you’ve ever wanted to play Mario Kart in virtual reality, your dreams may be coming true thanks to a new arcade game in Japan.

Tebow Mania just won’t quit — not when he’s smacking walk-off home runs, that is.

Star Trek fans, it looks like quantum teleportation just took a giant leap forward.

There’s a good reason they don’t sell super soakers that are as powerful as this fan-created version.

Sega’s new retro console, the Genesis Flashback, looks to provide some competition for Nintendo this fall.

Struggling with patience? Here are some simple things to help stop impatience!

Disney just gave a sneak preview of what the new Star Wars Land is going to look like!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Want to eat healthier? Here are ten things to cut from your diet this summer…

Could the new Overwatch pro league catapult e-sports into the limelight?

Time to redraw the maps, because Antarctica just got a little bit smaller.

Kid Rock, the singer and longtime Detroit icon, announced his plans to run for U.S. Senate.

Cats with their tongues partly sticking out (aka “blep” face) are hilarious.

Looking for some fun summer date ideas? Well, look no further!

The New York Auction is selling something out of this world, moon dust from the first lunar landing!

Man discovers he inherited a old untouched shoe store from his great-grandmother.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Amazingly, until last week, Psy’s “Gangnam Style” was still the most watched video on YouTube.

Sporting a Star Wars-themed motorcycle helmet is one way to fly your nerd flag high.

It’s possible that more NASA spacecraft will hit store shelves in the form of LEGO sets.

Beachgoers come together to save a family caught in a rip current.

Fun fact: the most watched video on Youtube has been beaten after 5 years of being at the top!

Thieves decide to go big and steal a house???

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

It’s Warp 3, or close to it! This new train could see speeds of 4,000 mph.

You can nab some free Chik-fil-A today if you get that old cow costume out of mothballs.

Rookie slugger Aaron Judge continued his stellar campaign by winning the home run derby.

Travel taking you near Southgate, MI? You could add this 1,800-pound burger to your bucket list.

Need to destress? Watch this video from the perspective of an eagle in flight!

For all you coffee lovers out there, new studies are showing that coffee could add months to your life!


McDonald’s is bringing back a New England classic, but to New England states only: the McLobster roll!

See Fourth of July fireworks like never before — from the perspective of a drone.

Photo found may prove that Amelia Earhart survived her plane crash after all.

Legendary Detroit kicker Jason Hanson got some love from an NFL analyst this week.

Check out the story behind the song for Citizen Way’s hit new single “Bulletproof.”

You could own a piece of aviation history (almost) by purchasing the Moller M400 Skycar on eBay.


Thursday, July 6, 2017

This morning, a magnitude 5.8 earthquake struck in Montana — their largest in 20 years.

Hockey players in Buffalo, NY set a new world record by playing 11 straight days of hockey to raise money for charity.

Tim and Lucas interviewed Grace Waugh and Mason Self about Grace’s song “Brighter” from her brand new Bloom EP.

Bills on the Michigan house floor would maintain the legality of daily fantasy sports.

Fender’s new subscription-based app hopes to gamify the process of learning guitar.

Comedian John Crist nicely sends up the overdone wedding hashtag trend.

Ice-cream filled doughnuts are here for the warm summer!

If you love magic then you will definitely love Harry Houdini’s trick filled home!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Whole Foods recalled 400 pounds of chicken salad, because it contained no chicken!

Who knew they couldn’t take bread to space? Luckily, that could change soon.

The Forces of Destiny cartoon series, which just launched, will tide you over until the next Star Wars film.

Samsung has announced Vega, which is their attempt to get into the competitive smart-speaker market.

Looking for ways to get your kids outside to enjoy the sun, check out these fun toys that can do just that!

Michigan just signed into law that you can now warm up your car in your driveway.

Volvo will know be making all of it’s models with electric motors.

Higgin’s Lake named one of Michigan’s most underrated attractions.