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Do people get frustrated when you can’t make eye contact with them because you are always on your phone? Well here is your solution.

We all slip up sometimes, but its how we recover that truly matter. Take some notes from the Buckingham Palace Guard after he took a tumble.

Doughnuts have finally reached the final frontier.

Chimpansees don’t seem to care for drones. Watch the interaction here.

This new bed can lock your doors and turn off your lights… and a lot more too.

ArtPrize’s whale is on the move!

Michigan’s historic theaters may be renovated soon.

Jackson’s Girl Scouts are giving back with 80 prom dresses!

The Architizer awards were announced, so here’s the year’s coolest buildings.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Leaf pickup has been approved for this fall in the city of Jackson. Get the details here.

Get prepared for tomorrow’s Michigan Tornado Drill @ 2 pm.

It’s Tax Day! If you’re running behind, here are some VERY last minute tips to finish them up and get them in by midnight. Or, how to file an extension.

 Jackson’s leaf pickup will be returning next fall.

Congratulations to the Manchester girls basketball team for their top GPA!

Michigan resident still in the top 10 of the Voice!

Weekends @ HOME

This warm weekend weather gets us excited for summer! Detroit will have a water slide through downtown this summer.

Riding the subway in NYC doesn’t have to be boring. Watch this spontaneous dance party!

Flint is now offering grocery buses!

A list of home-remedies that both your grandmother and doctor would approve!

Ever wanted to turn invisible? That’s not too far away.

Optical illusions and the movie The Matrix inspired virtual reality as we know it. An Oculus Rift scientist talks about it.

The winners of the Military Photographer of the Year contest have been announced. Here are some of the entries.