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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Plan ahead to honor your pastor during Clergy Appreciation Month, coming in October.

 They’re flushing hydrants in the City of Jackson. Keep an eye out. 

It’s Infant Sleep Safety Month in Michigan. Get some tips and find out about free local parenting classes here.

Behold the giant sea worm!

Emma Watson gives a compelling speech in front of the UN…

Thinking about paying down your mortgage? Make sure it’s the right financial choice first

Your complete guide to ArtPrize in Grand Rapids!

Thinking of changing jobs? Here are some fast growing careers to check out!

How does the new iPhone stand up to others in a drop test?

More construction in the Horton Road project

Monday, September 22, 2014

Help name a new Michigan Trail, win yourself a sweet vacation prize!

How would you feel about paying to use a public bathroom?

TobyMac’s got a new remix album coming out.

Tomorrow is National Voter Registration Day. Are you all set to cast your votes when the time comes around?

We’ve reached Mars after a year of travel! But no sign of an alien welcome yet.

How cute is the Simba Cam?? 

This teen in Kalamazoo was a quick thinker!

10,000 people took on the Tough Mudder at MIS this past weekend!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

-A man catches a 17 foot anaconda with his bare hands! Why he even wanted to is another story

-Hand’s free siri, ability to find your phone when it’s dead, and much more. IOS 8 looks impressive

-Celebrate the 30th anniversary of GhostBusters right by getting celebratory decorated Krispy Kreme donuts

Your child’s scribbles can become art!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

-Rest assured Leonardo DiCaprio is our new UN ambassador of peace

-Of course Audrey Plaza is the voice of Grumpy Cat for the Lifetime Christmas movie

Major Companies Agree to Greenhouse Gas Cuts Equivalent to 15 Million Cars Off the Road

Newborn child ages before your eyes.


Thursday, September 18, 2014

This morning marked the 24th annual Michigan Harvest Gathering campaign to make sure our hunger relief agencies are never forced to turn a hungry person away because they’ve run out of food.  Food and fund drives will launch at workplaces across the state, including in many hospitals, state departments, and Secretary of State offices.  

Sometimes it’s all about what’s on the outside.

Why not involved your kids in the dinner-making process with these simple crock pot recipes?

Up for some Jackson pro baseball?

Elsa’s style may be coming to a wedding near you…

A daily dose of cuteness with a Dalmatian and a spunky kitten.

Graduate Connor Talbert wins NCCAA golf tournament championship

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Your friend Tom from MySpace is actually a pretty amazing photographer.

Jon Foreman’s younger brother Tim Foreman (also in the group Switchfoot) took the microphone and sang lead on a new song on stage this week. Watch the video below.

Want to be seen in the new Batman vs. Superman movie (potentially) alongside Ben Affleck? Here’s how to apply to be an extra in Lansing.


Lane closures are expected Wednesday night on I-94 at US-127

There are some pretty strange amusement parks out there!

Looking to spice up dinner? Try these plating tips to dress it up!