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Friday, May 19, 2017

More fashion trends we just don’t understand. Is it even possible to make better blue jeans?!

First-graders everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief — it’s not their fault their shoes come untied.

Summer-izing your vehicle is almost as important as getting it ready for the winter.

Woman created her own dress made completely out of starburst wrappers!

This woman in Florida had quite the surprise, an iguana in her toilet! Yikes!

Skillet is coming to Jackson!

This couple took their wedding to new heights, Mt. Everest to be exact!

Here is a list of the most expensive city in each state.

Michigander hooks lemon shark down in Florida!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Adult wrapping — it’s a weird thing, but it may also have health benefits.

In a summer of strange fashion, this may just be the strangest!

The new Pistons logo could help bring about a new era of Pistons basketball.

Insects are what’s for dinner — or at least a mid-afternoon snack.

Have nostalgia for Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood? As part of a fundraiser, PBS is live-streaming every episode in one long marathon.

According to one millionaire, the key to affording a home in today’s inflated housing market is to stop buying avocado toast.

What may be the dinosaur fossil find of the decade was just unveiled at a museum exhibit in Alberta, Canada.

New fashion trend is…a romper for men!

Pizza delivery man comes to the rescue of one hungry passenger on a stalled train of all places.

Boxing program in Jackson is bringing hope and confidence to those suffering from Parkinson’s disease.