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As it turns out, puns exist in American Sign Language, too.

If you’re preparing the Thanksgiving meal, you’ve only got around 25 days to plan! Don’t stress. Check out these shortcut tips.

Here are some little changes in your lifestyle that will help you lose weight.

Ways to remain happy when life has got you down.

Toys R Us is creating ways for kids with autisum to shop without feeling overwhelmed.

Salad may not be as healthy as you think.

Ever wonder why screams scare us?

Halloween might be healthier for you than you know.

This might be the scariest place to camp ever! And no, it’s not a haunted forest.

Benjamin Grant spent the past 3 years gathering stunning pictures of Earth from satellite.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Is this Bill Murray or Tom Hanks?

Father and son do fun art together.

Could a wearable peanut patch help kids with peanut allergies?

This woman accidentally stole someone’s car, thinking it belonged to her friend.

The folks behind Twitter are closing down Vine, the micro-video platform.

If you could get a free tattoo, but the artist got to pick the design, would you do it?

KFC is joining the frankenfood bandwagon with their new invention, the chizza.

Maybe someday you’ll find potatoes in the electrical aisle at the hardware store.

What would your meal of choice be if it was the same one for an entire month?

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Uh oh!  Guess the snow shovels are going to be needed this coming winter season!

Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers will be restored!

Just say no to voting ballot selfies. They’re illegal in Michigan.

PulsePoint is a new app that alerts people who know CPR if there is a person nearby who needs it!

Airbus recently announced their newest creation: a self-driving, flying taxi!

T-Mobile was misrepresenting their unlimited data plan which will cost them $48 million.

The Volkswagon diesel emissions scandal lead to a $15.3 billion settlement.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Why did this boy start asking his mom to pack 2 lunches every day?

Is the avocado becoming too rare to sell at low prices?

Instagram now allows you to flag photos when you see something that’s just not right…

One Netherlands teen’s wish brought his family to the Ford Rouge Factory.

96 year-old fan is ready to watch his 3rd world series with the Chicago Cubs.

Are selfies good? Are they bad? Well, it’s actually kind of complicated.

There’s a new M&M flavor rolling out. Caramel!


Here’s how to save Dorothy’s ruby-red slippers.

Instagram is working to help those suffering with depression.

How to save money by using these DIY tips.

Who knew water bottles could bring light to parts of the world that need it!

A patient and a nurse…an anesthesia love story.

Randy Travis, fighting through trials of a stroke, sings again for the first time.

Some folks take their treehouse projects super seriously.

With VR technology, you can enjoy weekly NBA games in style.

Would you dance like nobody’s watching… if there were people watching?

Take a peek into the secret lives of cats in Hong Kong’s street shops.

How much screen time should children today have?

American parents seem to love posting about their children on social media. How much is too much?

A Sacramento woman wants to “Make America Kind Again“!

Want to start a business but don’t have the money for it? Here are 5 suggestions.