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Grumpy Cat may have some competition soon for the title of most famous internet feline.

The NFL has unveiled the “Color Rush” uniforms for all 32 teams, including the Lions.

You wouldn’t expect an orchestra to rise out of a landfill, but that’s exactly how the Recycled Orchestra came to be.

Would you be an early adopter for a healthy margarine alternative made from mealworms?

Three questions to ask your family.

Worried about losing your cordless AirPods? Apple is now selling cords to help keep track of them!

Feed a cold, starve a fever? Doctors don’t think so.

An app was recently released that makes a game of saving money at grocery stores.

Stores now have a new tool to help them see what customers are interested in… heat maps!

Friday, September 16, 2016

A small-town Minnesota mayor, who just may be America’s most popular politician, is also a dog.

You can contribute to this list of concepts that need words to succinctly describe them!

Check out the origin story for the team names of all 32 NFL franchises.

Oooh! watch the sky tonight to catch the harvest moon, which will be a full moon and expected to be recognized as a super moon.

Research suggests those over 40 should only have a 3-day work week.

How far is too far when it comes to photos on Facebook?

What does Donald Trump’s hair really look like?

State police are recruiting a diverse group of new faces.

There is a unique art show at Cell Block 7 Museum.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

A former Detroit Lions football star is trying out his footwork on Dancing With the Stars.

Ford small car production is moving south of the border.

Sometimes, customer-service-via-social-media is hilariously bad, like this tweet by Amtrak.

There’s an ongoing crowdfunding effort to restore the Great Wall of China.

The ability to use chip cards at gas pumps could be the norm by 2017 in Michigan.

Here’s one creative/spooky way to use a drone!

Cedar Point is saying goodbye to the “Mean Streak.”

Gilbert Chocolates’ is coming to downtown Jackson!