As Heard On Air

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Football and bowling, together at last.

Jackson could win a big award.

There was an extreme vehicle-damaging pothole near Ypsilanti last night.

Sheriff asks for Business’s help in fighting crime. The Jackson County Office of the Sheriff is encouraging residents and business owners to register their surveillance cameras with the Sheriff’s Office.  The goal of this program is to establish and maintain a database of camera locations in the event of criminal activity in your area.

Stephen Hawking has partnered with a wealthy friend to finance the search for life beyond earth.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Forget a bigger boat….what about a bigger surfboard for this champion?

This teen was almost hospitalized for trying to wear every piece of clothing from his luggage to save money.

Tires without air in them? That would really shut down the profits from air sales at gas stations.

Now THIS is an enticing real estate listing… with winter storage for a 72-foot yacht.

Here’s why hot air balloons are very dependent on good weather conditions. Watch what happened to one balloon (and a big truck) this weekend at a balloon festival in Wisconsin.

You can apparently teach chameleons tricks. Who knew!

Boy eats one of the worlds hottest peppers.

A pep talk to help you get over cold water.

Are you getting enough of your fruits and veggies?

Spring Arbor’s athletics teams shine both on the court and in the classroom.