As Heard On Air

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Finally some movement on Avatar 2, and it looks like its going to happen!

Are you feeling a little tired today?  Perhaps a nap is in order.

Here’s how France is taking care of people drinking too much sodapop.

Top 10 Super Bowl munchies to have if your hosting a party!

Goal setting is good, but you may want to consider these three things to help you through each goal!

This broadcast ended with Jesus in mind.

Birds on a plane?

More than 500,000 Audis were recalled.

Get your share of a dairy settlement if you register today!

Panel discussion of racial barriers will take place on Thursday at the Michigan Theatre.



Monday, January 30, 2017

New spacesuits, for the next generation of astronauts…

The NFC came up short, but the Lions brought it in this years Pro-Bowl.

Fur baby meets new human baby!  Check this out for an easier transition!

Might Hamburger Sliders make an appearance at YOUR big game party? Survey says Michiganders find those pretty popular.

Bowling is just one of the many ways you can burn an extra 100 calories.

Watch the man who voices Mario and Luigi talk about his time with Nintendo!

If your a noodle lover, check out these 9-ft long noodles and how their made!

Watch Dad and daughter duet that is sure to melt your heart!