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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Would you pass this “good wife” test from the 1930s?

The tech of the 2016 Barbie Dreamhouse wasn’t so dreamy or streamlined as the makers had hoped…

If you got a drone for Christmas, you might want to make sure you know the rules of the air.

This guy reminds us why we shouldn’t fall asleep at the movies!

This 2017 calendar is both functional and a fun conversation starter for your office.

You can enlist your kids to transition your home decor by making paper snowflakes.

Take a look back at all of the famous musicians who passed away this year.

Comic-book characters are inspiring scientists to make new advances.

The power of editing is shown in this trailer for Elf, recut as if it were a thriller.

Monday, December 26, 2016

What can you do with all of those empty Amazon boxes (that will help others)?

Why waste bread when your burger can just be held together with more meat?

Too soon? If you’re going to re-gift, this is what you need to know.

Do you want to be an early riser in 2017?

Matthew West did a pretty good job surprising his two daughters with a Christmas puppy!

Ahead of tonight’s MNF matchup, relive the Lions’ dramatic comeback win over the Cowboys in 2013.

Look back at the origin story of Jackson’s oldest toy store, which is closing its doors.

Try a unique reading resolution idea on for size as we count down to the new year.

What do you think the most iconic soft drink of Michigan would be?

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Have you ever brought some kind of food to a party, and when people tasted it, they hated it?

Here are some holiday get-together group game ideas.

Earlier this week, we learned that Chicago was colder than Mars!

The full 2017 Pro Bowl rosters have been officially announced by the NFL.

This golfer must have ice in his veins for attempting this chip shot.

Renew your vehicle registrations early to drum up a little extra holiday cash.

Could 360-degree videos, like this one, revolutionize nature photography?

Traveling to Texas?

Here’s what’s coming in 2017 for the Jackson Police.



Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Here’s a list of simple to-do items on Sundays that could help you lose weight each week.

2016 was just so… surreal.

If you make it out to Brighton tonight, you could get an autograph from NFL star Darius Slay.

Check out some insane trick shots, courtesy of touring group the Harlem Globetrotters.

Brush up on your Christmas lights trivia before your holiday parties.

What do minke whales have in common with Star Wars spaceships?

Uh oh- if you’re traveling for Christmas, be aware of this big storm.


Here are 7 ways to maintain your driveway this winter!

Over half of Morocco’s energy will be from renewable resources in the next 15 years.

These gingerbread houses look almost too good to eat! Almost.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure… or another man’s medieval town.

They went to go save a dog in a snowstorm, but found puppies too!

A Texas Lowes hired a former veteran, along with his service dog.

Take care with online shopping this season. Don’t be scammed!

The NFL plans to spice up the Pro Bowl with dodgeball and other skills challenges.

Check in to see how Summer 2016’s darling app, Pokemon Go, is faring these days.

If Jurassic Park were made today, the raptors would probably have feathers.

A jar of vaseline has a special use during outdoor football games in December.

Another ’80s favorite is making a comeback — this time it’s DuckTales.

This guy’s mad Christmas tree-trimming skills has us all envious.