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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Facebook is going to bring some sort of “dislike” button to it’s options, but there could be some issues with that.

Here are some simple DIYs to help upgrade your home.

Are you going to check out the debate tonight? It’s at 8 pm.

Get trash off of our Great Lake beaches!

Ever wonder about the color of eggs?

You will soon be able to do more than simply “Like” something on Facebook.

Hidden gems in the new iOS 9 update!

Insane places to play ball.

How waking up early can be beneficial (yes, I am actually telling the truth).

OK Go’s awesome music video!


It was a big week for Sanctus Real’s lead singer, Matt Hammitt. Find out why his son Bowen’s 5th birthday is so special.

Even if you’re not a DIY extraordinaire, here are the basic tools you should have at your home.

Jackson will celebrate the late Louise Nevelson on September 23. Learn more about her work on the Summer Night Tree here.

Get this house for a 200-word essay and only $199.

This phone app will help get you home and let people know you’re okay.

This selfie stick gives the illusion of a significant other.

Pack up these healthy snacks as you plan for the upcoming work week.

This Michigan pilot just survived his third crash in six years.

This crazy race raised $5,500 for United Way!

Bleacher Report is finding humor in the midst of the NFL’s “Deflategate” debacle.

In a blast from the past, ’90s book series Animorphs is getting the screen treatment.

Gender-neutral bathrooms are on the rise in US schools.

Looking for ideas to get fit?  Check out these ideas!

Alzheimers patients are finding hope with these new studies.

Too much caffeine can be harmful, but how much is too much?

Traveling the U.S.? Here’s the ONE THING in each state that you’ll want to pull over for.

Divorce rates are on the rise? I don’t think so.

Monday, September 7, 2015

KidsBedTimesHere’s a good guide to help you know when your kids should go to sleep tonight to get ample rest.

If your kids have allergies, here’s a cute way to let people around you know about them.

The Jackson County Health Department also encourages all residents to visit it’s webpage at for further information and resources to help individuals and families get on the right track for staying prepared.

Have you been grilling wrong?

Star Wars toy? Yup, people like this one.


Take care of your eyes.

Here are some thoughts on not wearing white after Labor Day.

Here’s a neat way one man from Jackson is offering you the chance to connect with the history of Jackson.

Going to a Labor Day picnic? Here’s a fun trick to pull with watermelon.

Have you cleaned your hairbrush lately?

There are some weird sales that have taken place on eBay over the past 20 years.

Biking isn’t usually considered a thrill sport, but then most people don’t bike down mountains.

The cat cafe is the newest hybrid business on the block.