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New features coming to Microsoft Word will help improve your writing.

As county fair season approaches, get your body ready for zany, unhealthy fair foods.

You can now ride your luggage around the airport instead of carrying it like a barbarian.

For listeners, there may not be a better combo than JJ Heller and Christmas music.

Chipotle plans to open a new burger restaurant in Ohio called Tasty Made.

A Florida man was arrested because his doughnut glaze was mistaken for drugs.

You might be answering fewer spam calls soon if you’re a Google phone user.

Keep your skin intact when transporting your felines to the vet with this cat-carrying invention.

Board games are popular today, but archaeology shows that even the Vikings played.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Ice Bucket Challenge really worked.

Check out the midnight release parties across Michigan for Harry Potter’s new book.

A portion of Dearing Road is closed today for construction.

You might be a big softie, but draw the line over feeding these surprisingly harmful foods to dogs.

Disney’s rising trajectory will be jetpack-powered soon.

The bravest of fast-food connoisseurs will be in line for the upcoming cheetos burrito.

Pizza for breakfast (we all do it) is getting a PR boost thanks to Little Caesar’s.