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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

It’s voting day! Here’s more info on your vote at the polls.

Look at the time capsule this couple uncovered when they opened a 1960s era bomb shelter!

Read the love note one man left to his wife… only to be found after he passed away.

Beloved Detroit Tigers pitcher, Justin Verlander, is engaged!

For the “fake coffee drinkers” in your life, Starbucks presents the Caramel Waffle Cone Frap.

Two locals from Ann Arbor take on classic hits yesterday on NBC’s The Voice.

The undefeated Grass Lake Warriors and Napoleon Pirates Girls’ Softball Team match up tomorrow afternoon!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Find out why President Obama won’t speak at his daughter Malia’s graduation ceremony next moth.

Did you walk out of the room and forget why?

Do you know this man? He was seen sprinkling some sort of liquid on foods at Whole Foods in Ann Arbor.

This 16 year old just carried his brother 111 miles in order to generate awareness about disabilities!

Real Life Fruit Ninja Part 2 is out and available to watch here!

Brian Stuard, a Jackson native, won the PGA Tour event in Louisiana this weekend!

This judge went above and beyond for a man he charged with a one night stay in jail.


This couple believes it’s never too late for a blind date.

This woman wasn’t pregnant, so she came up with an idea called the “ME-ternity leave“.

This Coldplay concert became an unforgettable memory for one dad and son.

Play some games this Saturday, because it is International Tabletop Day!

This Death Star firepit is going to take somebody’s summertime campfires to the next level.

Who knew so many people would want to monitor the secret lives of geese?

There’s another independent record in the works for Christian alternative band The Classic Crime.

Get the scoop on Taylor Decker, former OSU football star and the Detroit Lions’ first-round draft pick.

Check out Spring Arbor University’s Senior Art Exhibits.

Meet Lee Adrianne Rodriguez, the girl who ran a half marathon on accident.

Apple has released the info about their newest MacBooks!

3D printing is pretty amazing, and now it’s saved the life of a 4 year old.

Nintendo’s newest video game console has been announced. Meet the NX.

Friday, April 29, 2016

What if suspensions at school looked a little different?

The Lions drafted OT Taylor Decker out of Ohio State in the 1st round of the 2016 NFL draft.

Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang are coming back to TV for new episodes!

A pizzeria in Brooklyn has revolutionized the pizza box into pizza itself!

NPR had a minute of dead air this morning due to an accident at take your kid to work day (lol)

Here’s the explaination of why Journey had “South Detroit” in the famous tune, Don’t Stop Believin’.”

Thursday, April 27, 2016

Have you downloaded the Starbucks emoji keyboard yet?

What life skills should you accumulate by the time you transition to an adult?

Here are the predictions for who might be chosen to play where in the NFL. Tonight we’ll have our answers.

Comcast made a huge deal with DreamWorks Animation Studios today.

Nintendo’s new console codename is being called “NX” and Nintendo says it will bring brand new concept to gaming.

Capt. Kristen Griest becomes the first woman U.S. Army infantry officer.

Will Ferrell will play Ronald Reagan in an upcoming comedy called, “Reagan.”

The new Detroit Red Wings stadium will be called, “Little Ceasars Arena.”

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Here’s the wild story of We Are Messengers, and their move to America.

Here’s how to make sure your child has the info needed to get back to you if they get lost at a big event this summer.

This girl accidentally ran a half-marathon.

An ice cream parlor in Traverse City currently holds the #1 spot in a nationwide poll of the best parlor!

Here’s some information on the new Texas Roadhouse restaurant on Boardman Rd. that opened Monday.

This dog cannot contain the excitement of seeing his owner after 7 months apart.


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

If you live in Jackson County, your phone bill might be increasing soon to help cover 911 and dispatch fees.

Your child bought WHAT online?

Here’s what’s inside the future of Cracker Jacks boxes..

Box Diving Cat!

Confused Dog.

Michigan Legoland is having an adults night only! Time to bust out your inner child!

Mitsubishi Motors admitted to falsifying fuel tests on their vehicles in Japan since 1991.

Nike and the University of Michigan agree to a $183 million dollar deal.

2 Ann Arbor residents are still on The Voice!

Meet Shaun Livingston: The man who’s filling in for Steph Curry and who’s had a roller coaster ride to get where he is.

You can now have a custom Death Star designed fire pit to spruce up your evening gatherings.


This 30-year-old guy has been passing as a high schooler.

Do not attempt a game of flaming giant Jenga at home!

It’s not just that has had a sprinkler mishap during an outdoor movie…

Have you had any of the 50 best hot dogs in America?

Living near nature can increase your lifespan. Good news for us Michiganders, huh?

The Oculus Rift’s release date got pushed back, and people are getting upset.

Consumers Energy helps out for Earth Day!

Allergies are annoying, so here’s 10 remedies that can help relieve them!

A plane without fuel? Now that’s crazy.

Friday, April 22, 2016

What a miracle! This man was saved from a likely death on a remote island by a reality TV crew.

How well do you know Michigan?

Grand Rapids is hosting a massive hiring fair!

Prince’s loss felt all around the globe, 2016 has not been nice to music legends.

Red Wings season comes to a close.

The Detroit Pistons take on the Cavs in game 3 of the first round tonight at the Palace!

Check out this inspiring story between a financially struggling man and a police officer in Michigan!