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Here’s some holiday weekend family nostalgia. We love Michigan’s roadside attractions!

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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Need tips to help clean your crock pot?

I-275 N near Detroit is going to open back up in time for Labor Day.

It looks like women are still doing most of the housework.

Gatorade is rolling out a line of organic sports drinks due to popular request.

The University of Hawaii’s football team is coming to Michigan by way of Australia.

A recent Dropbox breach drives home that 2016 has been rough for cyber security.

GM and the U.S. army are collaborating on fuel-cell vehicle development.



What are some of the real-life reasons to not text and drive?

Let’s take a look at the benefits of coffee drinking.

Eat pizza. Lose weight. Wait, what?

Delivering babies is not typically something a fireman does on his first day of work.

“I will tuck my own self into bed tonight, mom.”

Coffee cubes, anyone?

The Detroit Lions are battling uphill against expectations this year.

Fidget quilts are a way for Alzheimer’s patients to occupy their hands.

Get yourself out of a rut by doing something spontaneous for Just Because Day.

The TZUUM app is designed to make laser tag much more accessible.

What if the 50 states’ names were re-imagined by a food punster?

A Great Big World’s Chad King dishes on the personal struggle that inspired “Won’t Stop Running.”

NASCAR experienced a historic moment at MIS on Saturday.

Officials felt sheepish after allowing an animal on the field during a baseball game.