As Heard On Air

Friday, March 10, 2017

A new record was set with the Rubik’s Cube.

The winds on Wednesday did more then just knock down trees and take out power lines; they also gave one little girl a ride she won’t soon forget.

New Thor photos are out: Thor without a hammer, and with short hair… What could it mean?

Mars is in the news again, and this time Congress wants to go there!

This movie theater lets your kids play during the movies.

Without power? Check out this page to get your personalized update.

The Little Mermaid is making a comeback, but not with Disney, surprisingly.

Ever wondered why taxi cabs are always yellow?

Power still out? Here are some warming center options.

Learn more about and enjoy some maple syrup at this event tomorrow. 

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Good news for Matt Damon — it looks like potatoes can grow on Mars!

Two towns with pink water on opposite sides of the world, but it looks like the pink lake & pink tap water are not connected.

Because some things are just to strange not to talk about: Man in shark costume robs gas station.

This brings a whole new perspective to the phrase “liar liar pants on fire.”

These travelers weren’t very happy when their flight was delayed due to a lack of toilet paper.

Could New York City be the new mecca for chocolate lovers?

The Detroit Lions are making an early splash in the NFL free agency pool.

Jurassic Park would be a cool novelty, but is de-extinction really worth it?

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Get to know Lucas, our newest team member joining Tim on Mornings@HOME!

Kids aren’t getting as much outside play time as many prisoners,according to one survey.

You could keep the Parlour open for years to come!

Here’s a $25,000 gold leaf-infused taco.

Would a magnetic field make Mars a better place to live? Some scientists think so.

Is the Nintendo Switch the next big thing?

The state of Nevada may finally be getting an NFL franchise.

Did you know you can hear the difference between hot water and cold water?

There’s a 5-year-old competing at the Scripp’s National Spelling Bee this year!

Those were some big shoes to create!

Windy, windy, windy weather!

Get ready for some of those orange cones.

Monday, March 6, 2017

How’d you like one of these smash cakes?

This farmer is helping to feed his son’s classmates and their families.

Do you connect with your kids during the carpool drive?

Going to the moon is one thing, keeping track of all of your moon dust is another.

The New York Knicks went back to the basics and it almost worked for them!

Teddy Ruxpin is back and his new LCD eyes are adorable, and perhaps a bit creepy!

The last great race on earth — involving dogsleds — starts today.

Girl Scout cookies.

It’s not your best week to get out and experience the Great Lakes!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

garbage bag lentThis is one Fat Tuesday treat that may be for only those with and iron stomach!

One 100 year old woman got to be arrested and check one thing off her bucket list.

Got Little Golden Books? They’re celebrating 75 years of making children happy.

These two are taking an out of this world vacation!

New Cars 3 trailer is out and it appears to be dealing with some heavier things for a Disney/Pixar film!

Want to make your own paczki’s for Fat Tuesday or maybe just find out more about the origin and history behind this day. Look no further!

How to remain positive even through life’s difficult times.

Recently two alumni and one current student of SAU were honored for their work in the film industry.

Have you eaten a Paczki today?