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Thursday, October 13, 2016

What a great way to provide inclusiveness to all of those “Trick-or-Treaters!”

Here’s a place for guys to get their nails and pedicures.

Ken Bone has been getting a lot of attention this week for wearing a red sweater at last weekend’s debate.

Bob Dylan‘s been awarded a Nobel prize.

Honda just released their 2017 CR-V.

Kentaro Toyama, a professor at the University of Michigan, will be at SAU for October 14th’s Community of Learners lecture.

It’s time to visit Jackson’s local farms and orchards for some fall fun!

Michigan State’s weather balloon took an unexpected trip to Canada.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Nostalgia alert! Fraggle Rock‘s returning to TV.

This woman received over 13,000 texts with people’s reactions to Sunday night’s debate. C-Span said “Oops.”

Jackson is third on the list of Michigan counties with the highest car-deer collisions in the past year. Be safe on the roads.

Here are some mom hacks to make life a little more organized.

Stay safe from deer with these tips for the road.

The weird invention of the shoe bike.

Got Lunchables? Check to make sure they’re not on this recall list.

One brave little mammal has us wondering if competitive swimming needs to introduce the “bat stroke.”

See how close your favorite celebs got with their ceremonial first pitches.

Today is all about girl power! Find out why here. 

Samsung ends production on the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone due to fires.


This dad came up with a genius idea to keep his triplets from backseat battles.

Would you sell your possessions, buy an RV, and live life on the road?

Making a spooky spiderweb-creating contraption out of a hot glue gun is the epitome of the DIY spirit.

One way to be more efficient with your time is learning to speed read.

NFL Films put together a moving tribute video to the Lions’ retired superstar Calvin Johnson.

Young man who created a prosthetic for a sweet violinist.

New Bad Lip Reading video to fill your day with laughter.

Fun Fall Activities before winter sets in!

Golden Girls finally get action figures!

Drive-thrus in Portland may be getting a lot more cyclists in the future!

Dr. Edwin Smith has made a mobile dentist’s office to give kids free dental care!

Should we be letting our kids watch the presidential debates?

Some of America’s historic landmarks are in danger. Try to see them before they’re gone!

Fans get big discounts at Ruth’s Chris Steak House due to U-of-M football’s historic win over Rutgers.

A bike helmet shaped like a LEGO minifigure’s hairpiece might encourage safety for kids.