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Friday, January 29, 2016

Looking for a Valentine’s gift your sweetheart won’t soon forget? How about naming a roach after her?

Our technology is getting old. Here are some things that kids today don’t know how to use.

Here’s how you can make your own windshield washer fluid at home.

The Oakland Raiders possibly moving to Las Vegas?

11-time surfing world champ, Kelly Slater, saves a mom and her young son from a viscous wave.

This Boston Marathon bombing victim is about to show the world how terrorism does not prevail and how great a dedicated, courageous, and inspiring heart can be!

Governor Rick Snyder approved a $28M aid bill for the residents of Flint.

Here’s how you can help our friends in Flint!

Things you should never say to a Michigan native (Funny!).

Thursday, January 28, 2016

School dress codes are typically for the students. One school in London is now calling for a morning drop-off dress code for parents.

Should you pre-rinse your dishes before they go in the dishwasher, or is it just a waste of time and water?

New DeLoreans being built?

Gerber has a new face, and she is 7 months old from Troy, MI!

The City of Jackson is taking proper steps to ensue water safety.

Check out this amazing picture of the Northern Lights over a storm system!

Does being a professional LEGO builder peak your interest? This might be the job for you!

A school named after Christa McAuliffe reminds students of Challenger explosion.

Is there a health benefit to deep-frying your vegetables?

Watch out for those special features when buying a new TV for the big game.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

On Mornings@HOME this morning… Brothers!

Here are the details of a Hummus recall from Sabra.

Some kids are giving up money to play xBox this winter.

Lightsaber violin!

Here is the lineup for this year’s Faster Horses Festival.

5 Michigan Community Colleges are up for this prestigious award!

Consumer’s Energy set to have a female president effect this July

Detroit Native, Willie Beaver, hopes to be drafted by his hometown team, the Detroit Lions in the NFL draft.

Win $20,100 through the Midwest Open Ice Fishing Tournament!

Be careful, you might accidentally keep a library book for 50 years. That is what this man did.

Protect your old documents by shredding them.

Happy National Chocolate Cake Day!


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Michigan will celebrate its 179th birthday tomorrow. Look at some of the yummy treats people are making to honor our great state.

Interesting facts about our state in light of its birthday.

Two celebrities send a million water bottles to the city of Flint.

This Carolina Panther’s fan got a little too excited about his team scoring a touchdown!

A Michigan Sheepdog is headed to the Madison Square Garden for a major dog show!

“Stay alive, don’t novel and drive!” What caused a police officer to say that?

Here is what is new at Apple.





Just how badly can a spider scare a father?

Detroit Lions’ players donated 94K bottles of clean water to Flint.

Escape rooms are a great way to keep yourself mentally fit.

Jackson, Summit Township firefighters donate to local breast cancer patients.

Mackinac Bridge closed on Saturday because of falling ice.

Volvo’s planning on having no more deaths from their cars by 2020.

Ever wonder how the 83 ton space shuttle gets moved around when it’s not in space?

What are the best places to eat in 2016?

Google Chrome’s about to get a lot faster, and here’s why.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Okay….how does someone figure out they have this unique talent?

Got a minute? Here are some ways you can use that time to get happier.

It’s National Hug Day! Spread the love!

Tips to remember if you fall through ice on a body of water.

Sorry Pluto, you’ve been replaced by a new planet.

Comic book fans, here is a first look at the Wonder Woman movie.

There is an opportunity to see five planets during the next few weeks!

Need a car for a little bit? Rent one in Ann Arbor through an app.

Here is a list of 33 common jobs in Michigan and what they pay.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

There are some great looking vehicles at the 2016 NAIAS!

How about some chocolate french fries?

Here are some foods that can help you look younger.

A cardboard box city!

Today is National Cheese Lover’s Day. Rejoice!

Here is the 2016 Bonnaroo lineup.

Some of the most promising jobs in America are compiled on this list.

Do movie tickets seem more expensive than usual?

A fleet of 20 tall ships is taking over the Great Lakes this summer!

Scholarships are being offered by the Woman’s Club of Jackson.