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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

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Would you Candy Corn a pizza, or not?

The tomagotchi pet is back!

Iron Chef comes back next month with Iron Chef: Showdown in a special Thanksgiving episode!

Mark Ruffalo accidentally live-streamed the first 15 minutes of the Thor: Ragnarok premier on Instagram.

You could send your name to Mars on next year’s InSight Rover.

Update on the fall colors this year!

Largest Pumpkin Contest hit a new record breaking pumpkin!

Check out this cute furniture that doubles as a fun place for your furry friends.

This bakery’s custom artwork didn’t come out as planned, but hey, it probably tasted great!



Kids learn perseverance more easily if they’ve seen adults struggle before succeeding.

One NFL rookie lost a dreadlock during a game — only to find it for sale on eBay.

This dead Southfield mall has an eerie, almost post-apocalyptic, atmosphere.

It’s October now, so it’s OK to bust out our fall apple recipes, like this one.

Nearly 1 in 5 teens has experienced a concussion, according to a recent study.

A look into Michigan’s dead mall.

Chevy celebrates their 100th year making trucks.

Can you hear the northern lights?

September’s heat might have had an effect on our fall.