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Going to the One Direction concert?

So… we might not need 8 glasses of water each day after all.

You might be a nomophobe if…

Well these are some weird places to tie the knot.

It’s Taylor Swift Takeover at the VMA’s.

Starbucks is making their Pumpkin Spice Latte even more delicious.

Lisa Kudrow and Taylor Swift take on “Smelly Cat.”

Ever gone without a haircut for six years? This sheep did.

Do you know “meeple” and these other recent additions to the Oxford Dictionary?

This monumental screw-up by civic workers in Spain is proof that picnics are all sunshine and flowers.




Would you sell everything to pursue your dreams?

How much is a kid’s lost tooth worth these days?

We all get worn out from our same day to say closet selection. Would you ever try a wardrobe rental service?

This newly announced mobile game from Activision could be this generation’s Pokemon.

Get to know Disney’s newest princess Moana.

A pack of New Jersey Black Bears try to beat the heat in a family’s swimming pool.

Spring Arbor University ranked #2 in’s list of Best College Dorms in Michigan.

Mutant lice are coming!…maybe.

Childhood friends become national heroes in France.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Here are some habits to help prepare for the new school year.

The silverware you eat with could determine how your food tastes.

You might have to do more than just buy a ticket to enter a movie theatre soon.

Going to this weekend’s Civil War Muster?

Hugh Jackman challenges Jim Carrey to an impression contest.

Baby elephant finds a ribbon. Challenge his excitement if you dare.

The WMU football team surprised a walk-on player with news of his full-ride scholarship.

Smart cars don’t have anything on this new three-wheeled concept car due out in 2016.