As Heard On Air

Monday, September 1, 2014

Cute cartoon-themed snack ideas to get your kids to eat.

Check out some free exercise classes going on at Loomis Park this week.

Will more fresh food be the fast food of the future?

Look out for more traffic, including kids on foot tomorrow!

It’s Labor Day, and someday Tonya wants to do the annual Mackinaw Bridge Walk!

The Michigan Community Service Commission (MCSC), the State of Michigan’s lead agency on volunteerism, is looking for volunteers to help Southeast Michigan residents clean up damaged homes after the Aug. 11 torrential rain and flooding. Volunteers can sign up by going to or calling 2-1-1.

Weekend @ HOME

People will be meeting their friends at a real Central Perk this Fall in NYC.

Newsboys are going back to their roots with a hymns album to be released in November. 

Check out these creative pop-up shops.

Will more fresh food be the fast food of the future?

It’s a slow process to become a millionaire.

For King and Country are being heard on a television commercial!

One mom has learned the hard way that you shouldn’t use Facebook to complain about your kid’s school

The first day of school is Tuesday for many schools… look out for more traffic, including kids on foot!

Labor Day Weekend is here, which means it the annual Mackinaw Bridge Walk!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Got old tires? You can recycle them tomorrow morning.

We’re a little freaked out that the wasps have taken over…  

CEOs are preferring liberal arts educations over some of the more specialized training options.

East Jackson JV Football had to cancel first game due to power outage…

Need to cut a watermelon but don’t have a knife? You don’t need one! Check out this “fruit hack” here!

Late Blight is killing tomatoes…

Jackson’s End of the Summer fireworks are just two days away!