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Toys R Us is celebrating Bricktober with Lego Bat Signals today!

A truck containing 36,000 pounds of Crisco went missing this past week.

Check out these Frankenstein pumpkins.

United Way of Jackson County donates $1.25 million to programs bettering Jackson.

See the artist who makes masterpieces only using a magnifying glass and the sun!

iPhones can do everything nowadays, even make pop songs. Check out the predictive text song.

Kid President and Grover are giving the world a great pep talk.

Fashion advice from your dog.


Hamster on Piano.


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Here are some ideas to help deter robbers from your home.

The Bohm Theatre in Albion is re-opening tonight with a ribbon cutting and marquee lighting.

Scared of over-paying at the gas pump? This price comparison website is a helpful tool.

Move over Cowboys, there’s a new America’s Team in town!

A 2-ingredient pizza… Could it be that simple AND delicious?

United Way of Jackson is investing into the community with $1.2 million from its fundraising money.

The Bohm Theatre in Albion is reopening tonight.

Chrysler is calling for a major recall due to electrical problems.